John Mulcahey

I enjoy films, video games, music, stuff outside my window and being a high fallutin’ so and so. My favourite film is a toss up between Nashville, Scanners, Magnolia, Jane Eyre (2011), Mad Max 2… the list goes on really. I studied in Falmouth, and I also like to (think I) make films in my spare time. Currently working on a psychological horror short film inspired by The King in Yellow. Gonna remake it when I’m older, because it’s probably going to suck.

Tom Scudamore

Theatre and sketch/improvised comedy are my passions but I also love to read books, present radio shows and attend jazz and blues gigs. Among my film faves: Howl’s Moving Castle, Little Miss Sunshine, Whiplash and anything indie/coming-of-age. I studied English Literature at UEA and write short stories and poetry for pleasure. Crafting some comedy shorts, a one-man show and teaching workshops when I can.


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